Security Advisory: Beware of Fake WCLI Transactions

Security Advisory: Beware of Fake WCLI Transactions


World Class Laminate, Inc. calls on all valued clients to be wary of fake transactions. Scammers call the client and act as World Class Laminate sales members to trick contractors into believing they are processing your order.


Always double-check your transactions. Do not rely on just photos or screenshots. Check the e-mail address. It should end with You may also send us a DM to verify if the one transacting is part of our organization.



How The Modus Work

Because of the pandemic, more contractors are looking for materials online vs. canvassing on site. Scammers, however, are taking advantage of this new normal. They pretend to be sales members/staff members of World Class Laminate and take orders for the contractors.


Scammers then will deliver sub-spec boards from another source, or worse, take the money and not deliver your requirement. As a result, contractors lose projects and revenue due to poor quality. Do not let this happen to you. Ensure your boards are legit and come from World Class Laminate.


Always ensure the one who is processing the order for you has an e-mail that ends is at all times. If you are in doubt/unsure, please always check through our OFFICIAL FB/IG Page @worldclasslaminate to confirm if the transaction is legit.