World Class Laminate is a leader in melamine boards manufacturing and processing; serving customers
and suppliers all over the Philippines. We evolve continuously and grow our reputation
for experience, reliability, value, and innovation. You can feel confident in doing business
with World Class Laminate, knowing that we are dedicated to the highest standards for ourselves and you.

We grow together.

World Class Laminate Inc. (WCLI) firmly stands as the pioneer in manufacturing melamine boards (particleboard, MDF, plywood), solid surface & compact boards in the Philippines. As a service-oriented company, it provides the local construction industry with World Class boards for furniture, cabinets, closets, walls, partitions, and other interior needs.

Today, WCLI has more than 150 colors and 15 embossing finishes to choose from. Since its foundation, it continues to offer new colors and designs to the market.