Available finishes:

  • Stipple
  • Matte
  • Crosscut

Available Board Thickness:

Terms & Conditions

Updated 13 August 2021

1. QUOTATION: Quotations are valid for 15 days only unless stated otherwise

2. SALES ORDERS: A Sales Order shall be issued once all the details (Color, Finish, Board Type, Quantity, and Terms of Payment) have been discussed and agreed upon. WCLI will not accept any cancellation, change of item once the sales order is signed.

3. PRODUCTION TIME: Goods will be ready in 11 to 15 working days upon Sales Order locked (with finished goods are produced every Tue-Wed). For rush orders, please advise any of our sales team and sign a release waiver. 

4. TERMS OF PAYMENT: WCLI requires all clients to follow agreed terms of payment.

5. PAYMENT METHODS: WCLI accepts PCHC Policy CHOM No. 15-460 compliant checks addressed to WORLD CLASS LAMINATE INC. and Bank Deposit. For bank transfer payment, please fax the deposit slip to (02) 374-8739 with Complete Name/Company Name/Sales Order #. Cash payments are highly discouraged to avoid theft and loss. 

6. DELIVERY: WCLI provides free delivery to transactions within Pasig amounting to/above Php 30,000.00 within Metro Manila. Transactions below 30,000 in Pasig - Php 1,750.00 to Php 1,900.00 delivery fee. G/F or Basement unloading area only. The delivery schedule will not proceed without the Client’s confirmation. Customer or an authorized representative is required to conformed the goods delivered or pick up goods in the factory, WCLI will no longer be liable for the induced handling and storage damages/defects by once the truck checks out from the plant. Any failure of delivery due to client’s responsibility will be charged to Client accordingly.

7. PICK UP: Should you wish to pick up your goods, kindly advise our sales team in advance so they can coordinate internally for you. Customer are required to inspect the goods before pick-up or loading. WCLI will no longer be liable for the damages once the truck checks out from the plant.

8. FINAL INSPECTION: For pick-up items, WCLI requires and recommends client or by an authorized representative to conformed the goods in the plant before proceeding with scheduling of delivery. Client can schedule the visit with WCLI’s sales team at their convenience once items are ready. WCLI will no longer be liable for the induced handling and storage damages/defects by once the truck checks out from the plant.

9. DELIVERY ACCESS AND PLACEMENT: The Client is responsible for evaluation the intended location of the product and the access to the area. It is highly recommended that the person who ordered or an authorized representative should receive the item(s) upon delivery. Intended storage area for the product must be available from the customer premise. WCLI is not liable for any difficulty or failure to deliver to do so.

10. PACKAGING: Our delivery trucks are equipped to protect the product adequately during transport. For client’s requesting additional packaging, please talk to our sales team for crating services, as there will be an additional charge for this special process.

11. COLOR FINISH: Minimal variations in color and texture are normal and acceptable. WCLI may also be susceptible to long term discoloration due to exposure to direct sunlight. It is recommended to all our client to confirm their preference order first, else WCLI is not liable to replace any disparity complaint on color, shade and texture. Note that Edge-Banding Tapes are designed to protect the edges of the board and it’s not guaranteed to provide a perfect color match to the color, shade or texture of every board being supply.

12. STORAGE FEE: WCLI charges 30% of the total sales order amount to clients who fail to schedule or accept delivery at the sales order date after 30 days per month. In cases that Customer has a preference or requests for specific packaging to secure their items, added service cost will be given, depending on customer preference material and services (crating, pallet with stretch film, etc.) Nevertheless, WCLI and MSSI will hold no liability and responsibility to any damages incurred during storage keeping. A validation from the Customer and Sales Agent is required once this requested storage and other special services has been mutually agreed upon by both parties. After 60 days of storage, the order will be considered cancelled and any payments made to the order will be deemed forfeited in favor of WCLI.

13. CARE: Proper storage and handling is recommended at all times. Please refer to our manual for guidelines. For cleaning, dust with soft, dry cloth to protect the finish. Do not apply abrasives or any harsh chemicals. WCLI is not responsible for damage incurred from improper maintenance.

14. RETURNS: Returns are strictly prohibited unless there are product issues. Should there be a problem with the item(s), client should not accept delivery. Client should note down the concern on the delivery receipt. Any return after delivery will be at the client’s expense. Please also fill the Production Complaint Form online to have your items properly evaluated. Client has two (2) working days to file complaint report for the board quality-related issues. (https://worldclasslaminate.wufoo.com/forms/w1x76i1r1y4dxox/)

Melamine Boards Handling & Storage

Proper cooling of melamine boards may take 10 days to avoid warpage while in transit and during installation.

Thinner and single faced boards require longer cooling time than thicker boards.

Newly produced boards, when not cooled properly are prone to warpage especially 6x8 boards.

Upon release of newly produced boards from the plant, these are considered sold and cannot be returned nor exchanged.

Melamine boards are required to be lied flat especially in transit and in storage.

Re-process of warped melamine boards will incur fees. 

Color Disclaimer

Color shades may appear different on actual sample and actual board from our sample swatches and what appears online or from your monitor. 

We do our very best to make sure our samples are as close to the exact product as possible, but cannot guarantee that what you see is an exact sample. If it is important that the sample be exact, it is highly recommended that you order a sample first, before placing the order for your actual order. After you receive your samples, keep in mind that even the actual sample can have color variations from the finished product, and there is no perfect pantone color for any substrate, as the actual pigments changes, manufacturer uses their pantone guide in order to meet the closest match for every preference as stated by our manufacturers and partners.

Note: We recommend to clients to feel 100% confident about their purchase order, is to visit the factory, and do actual verification of their preference color, shade and texture, this is to avoid any confusion and mistakes in color selection prior placing ordering or you can coordinate with WCLI sales agents to do swatches verification and selection.

By purchasing boards from WCLI, you are agreeing that you have read, understand and agree to these terms. The color, shade and texture preference must be validated in actual swatches prior ordering, as client will be responsible for their preference. No return, no exchange after signing the purchase order. 

*Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor. Verify colors by ordering our samples here.